UNC asks if Rowley’s administration needy

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UNC asks if Rowley’s administration needy

Government cannot continue oppressing citizens.

So said the PRO for the United National Congress, Kirk Meighoo.

In a statement to media on Saturday, he wrote:

The long lines at South Park on Friday, which made headlines in the newspapers Saturday, apparently could not move the hardened heart of the impotent Prime Ministerial bully, Keith Rowley.

This coming week will see the end of June and the beginning of July. Rents are due, mortgages are due, and people’s normal expenses for food, medicines, water, electricity, internet bills, loan instalments, etc. still need to be paid. The banks are not letting up, and neither is the State. The government heartlessly continues to allow this pressure to be put on citizens, every single day.

How are the so-called non-essential workers expected to pay their bills, feed their families, and keep a roof over their heads?

There are countless heartbreaking stories, not only of people begging for hampers, but selling any assets they have in order to get some money, down to even the roofs of their houses. There is not much more that people can sell, and not much more that they can take.

Yet the government — whilst collecting their full salaries and perks — has the viciousness to accuse desperate citizens of being greedy, lining up in the hot sun for hours for a small bag of inadequate provisions, with the risk of being turned away. Citizens are now insulted and ridiculed by the very government who has put them in this shameful and tragic situation.

With an absolute tin ear, the government is telling them — like Marie Antoinette before the French Revolution, to the peasants who had no bread — to eat cake.

The government must open up the economy for non-essential workers immediately. Social protocols can be put into place; but retail shop workers, food service workers, small businesses and others must be allowed to operate.

Government cannot continue oppressing citizens, while they themselves live in luxury off of the very same taxpayers whom they are impoverishing. What Keith Rowley and his PNM government are doing is immoral and dangerous.”