UN warns of cholera explosion in Haiti

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UN warns of cholera explosion in Haiti

The United Nations warned Thursday of a possible explosion of cholera cases in crisis-wracked Haiti.

The international body called for the creation of a humanitarian corridor to ease a blockage of the country’s main fuel import terminal so as to get services running again and make clean water available.

Haiti announced Sunday its first cases of cholera in three years, with seven people dead of the disease.

Eleven cases have been confirmed, and there are another 111 suspected cases, but the real numbers could be much higher, said Ulrika Richardson, UN resident and humanitarian coordinator for Haiti.

Speaking from Haiti via video, she said that for now, the cases seem to be limited mainly to the capital Port-au-Prince.

“With the current conditions in Haiti, and if not all the good conditions are met, we are actually in for quite an exponential if not explosive increase of cholera cases,” she said.