UdeCott not responsible for falling Red House gate

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UdeCott not responsible for falling Red House gate

Chairman of the Urban Development Corporation of TT (Udecott) Noel Garcia has distanced the corporation from having any part to do with the construction of the Red House gates, after a steel gate fell on a police officer on Sunday.

Video footage of the steel gate falling on the officer went viral Tuesday and it shows two other officers and a passing cyclist helping lift the gate.

UdeCott was responsible for the restoration of the Red House, but Garcia said the gate, which is brand new, was not installed by the corporation, but a private contractor.”

However, based on the construction works package breakdown on the UdeCott website, NH International (Caribbean) Ltd and Fides Ltd are listed as being responsible for external works, which cost nearly $28 million.

Parliament’s corporate communications department on Tuesday said “The injured officer has been hospitalised, but we are advised that he has suffered no life-threatening injuries and is recovering.” “While we are concerned that this incident has occurred, we are thankful that, mercifully, the officers involved were not seriously injured.”