Two-year-old child attacked by dog still hospitalized

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Two-year-old child attacked by dog still hospitalized

A young child who was attacked by a dog at his grandfather’s South Oropouche home on Tuesday remains warded at the San Fernando General Hospital suffering from a laceration to his neck.

The child received 42 stitches, but his grandfather Bhola Deonath said the doctors assured them that the injury was not life-threatening.

According to his grandfather the child was dropped off at his house along with his three-year-old brother on Tuesday at 8am.

Deonath’s mixed breed dog (pitbull and pothound) which he calls Monster was tied while he was cleaning the yard.

He recounted that he heard his grandson yell for him and he saw the dog with the child in his mouth.

Deonath said he choked the dog until it released the child.

Deonath says he has plans to get rid of the dog by weekend.