Two of the officers charged for George Floyd’s death were ‘newcomers’ on the job

Two of the officers charged for George Floyd’s death were ‘newcomers’ on the job

Thomas Lane, who participated in restraining Floyd, which led to asphyxiation from too much pressure, was originally hired as a cadet in February 2019, according to CNN.

Lane had only been on the police force for four days when the incident took place, his attorney Earl Gray revealed. He had no complaints prior to the murder of Floyd.

J. Alexander Kueng, who also helped restrain Floyd until he unfortunately passed, was a newcomer as well.

While Kueng joined the Minneapolis Police Department as a cadet in February 2019, he became a police officer back in December.

The day of Floyd’s death was only Kueng’s third shift as a police officer, according to his attorney, Thomas Plunkett. Chauvin was training Kueng. Kueng also had no prior complaints.

Chauvin, however, had been with the Minneapolis Police Department for almost 19 years, during which time he earned 18 prior complaints with two that were  “closed with discipline.” Meanwhile, the fourth officer, #TouThao who stood by and watched, had been with the department since 2012 and had 6 prior complaints with internal affairs. One was still open at the time of the incident.

All four officers have been fired and are facing charges as it pertains to the death of Floyd.

Each officer has been arrested and are all being held on a $1 million bail.