Two new vaccination locations to be activated by the Ministry of Health

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Two new vaccination locations to be activated by the Ministry of Health

From Thursday 22nd April to Sunday 25th April, 2021 the Ministry of Health will activate two new vaccination locations at the Paddock, Queen’s Park Savannah and the National Raquet Centre in Tacarigua, to increase the rate of administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to people with existing appointments.


In a release issued this afternoon the Health Ministry said three additional Designated COVID-19 Vaccine Facilities have also been activated (Morvant, Carenage and St Helena) to increase vaccine delivery.


To date, approximately 20,000 persons have received the COVID-19 vaccine in Trinidad and Tobago. Vaccine acceptance levels within the groups of eligible persons continue to be demonstrated by the high number of people who have already made COVID-19 vaccine appointments.


As a result, the Ministry of Health is advising the population that it will increase the rate of the administration of the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines from the current stock of vaccines.


All existing COVID-19 vaccine appointments for the Designated COVID-19 Vaccination Facilities will be honoured and brought forward to the week ending Sunday 25th April, 2021. The vaccination of eligible people, using the current stock of vaccines, will end in approximately one week. The required quantity of vaccines will be held to administer the second dose. This process has already been initiated.


While new appointments will not be given at this time, healthcare workers, people with non-communicable diseases and those who are 60 years and older may contact the various COVID-19 Vaccination Facilities, via the call-in or WhatsApp numbers, to be included in the list of eligible persons who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, when new stock is available.

No walk-in appointments will be facilitated at this time.

Persons with underlying medical conditions are advised that they should liaise with their healthcare provider before taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

It should also be noted that the following persons should NOT get the COVID-19 vaccine at this time:

o Pregnant and breastfeeding women

o People younger than 18 years of age

o People with a history of severe reactions to a component in the vaccine

On Vaccination day

On the day of vaccination persons are encouraged to:

· Have a good meal or non-alcoholic beverage

· Wear clothing that will provide easy access to the upper arm for vaccination

· Bring to the facility:

o Valid form of identification (e.g. Driver’s Permit, National Identification, Passport)

o Immunization Card

o Clinic Card (where applicable)


After receipt of the 1st dose of the vaccine:

· The Immunization Card will be updated with relevant information including the type of COVID-19 vaccine administered, the date received and the next appointment date.

An Immunization card will be provided for those who do not have a card.

· Persons will remain in observation for 30 minutes before leaving the facility.

· Members of the public will be contacted to be reminded of their next appointment date. Persons should return to the same facility for their second dose of the vaccine.


In Trinidad and Tobago, vaccination is voluntary. Only vaccines that have attained WHO approval and have undergone rigorous scientific and clinical analysis, in keeping with the highest vaccine testing standards, are used in Trinidad and Tobago