Two freed of Uncle Khalid’s wife’s murder

Two freed of Uncle Khalid’s wife’s murder

The two men who were accused of murdering Mala Mohammed, the wife of businessman Khalid “Uncle Khalid” Mohammed, were found not-guilty of the crime.

Murdered: Mala Mohammed

Fifteen years after Mrs. Mohammed death, the accused – Shel­don Reid, 47, and De­wane Swan, 37, both of Five Rivers, Arou­ca were released from prison, and walked out of the Hall of Justice free men.

The 12-members jury took 2 hours to deliberate before giving their unanimous verdict.
After leaving the courtroom, Swan thanked the jurors for their verdict while Reid remained pensive, adding that he only wanted to bury his wife who died last Saturday.
The men were cleared of the murder of Mrs. Mohammed who was ambushed after arriving at her Princes Town home back in 2004. She was shot in the head and back as she pulled into her garage. Her last words were, “Don’t kill me. I will give you all the money.”
During the case, Mrs. Mohammed’s watchman and maid gave testimonies as the prosecutors used statements to help their defense. The State claimed that both men admitted to being at the scene of the crime, although they denied committing the murder. During the trial, police argued that they showed them where they had disposed of the masks they were wearing during the incident.
However, the men’s attorney’s questioned the integrity of the statements, particularly the ones given by their clients, as they believe they may have been persuaded to admit to the crime in exchange for immunity.
Both men were arrested back in 2005 for the murder of Mrs. Mohammed. The case went to trial in October last year.