Two men men charged with robbery in Penal

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Two men men charged with robbery in Penal

Two men accused of robbery with violence of a businessman and shooting at an off duty police officer in Penal, appeared virtually at the Siparia Magistrates’ Court today to answer the charges.

JOCYIAH HUNTE, aka ‘Jigga’, a 20-year-old of Penal, and DARRION PADILLA, aka ‘Stone”, a 26-year-old of Penal, were charged on Wednesday 23rd September,2020.

PADILLA was charged with one offence – robbery with violence and HUNTE was charged with six offences:

1. Robbery with violence,
2. Shooting with intent to do grievous bodily harm, 3. Possession of firearm,
4. Possession of firearm to endanger life,
5. Possession of ammunition,
6. Possession of ammunition to endanger life.

The victim, a 52-year-old businessman, of Lachoos Road, Penal, was seated in the left side passenger seat of his Nissan Frontier parked in front of his home on September 4th, when a man armed with a firearm, approached him and announced a hold up. He became fearful for this life, as the assailant opened the door and placed the firearm to his head. The victim was searched and relieved of $12,000.

The assailant then ran away.

An off-duty police officer of Lachoos Road, Penal, reported that he was proceeding towards his home, when he was alerted by the businessman who indicated that he had been robbed. As the off- duty police officer attempted to intervene, the suspect fired a shot at him.

Based on information received, the officers conducted a search of the area, and arrested and charged the two accused.
The charges were laid by Sgt Gosine, and Pc Khaleel.