Two direct threats to prison officers being investigated


Two direct threats to prison officers being investigated

Commissioner of Prisons (Ag) Dennis Pulchan said all is being done to protect prison officers, in light of recent threats to their lives.

Police are now investigating two direct threats made on Tuesday to two prison officers currently assigned to the Maximum Security Prison.

According to reports, a 33-year-old prisons officer reported that between 7.30 and 8.30 pm Tuesday, he was on exercise duty at the Maximum Security Prison Arouca, when he heard a male voice state, “Longdenville boss watch your back. We coming out just now.”

The prison officer, who is in fact from the Longdenville area, said he felt threatened by the words.

Around the same 7:30pm time period, a39-year-old prison officer told police he was at the MSP when an inmate he knows from Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas, who is presently on remand for murder, looked at him and said, “All allyuh tun key dead; especially you 500 boss.”

In another video, one inmate could be heard urging the family members of inmates who may live close to prison officers to target them.