Two Dead Following Police Shootout in Valsayn

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Two Dead Following Police Shootout in Valsayn

Two suspects are dead after an alleged  shootout with Police Wednesday morning at Bassie Street Extension Spring Village, Valsayn.

Officers allegedly found and seized a firearm, ammunition and drugs.

According to reports, at around 8:45 am members of the North Central Division Task Force launched an intelligence led operation based on information, they proceeded to  the location where they cordoned off a white two story structure relative to the said information.

The said house was breached and before room clearing exercises could commence the suspect together with another unidentified male hastily exited the rear of the building.

Officers observed both men exiting with firearms in their hands and began running East into a bushy area.

A chase ensued, the suspects both allegedly pointed their firearms in the direction of the officers.

The officers in keeping with TTPS Use of Force Policy discharged their service weapons neutralizing the said threats.

The suspects both sustained injuries and were conveyed to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex for medical attention.

However, they were pronounced dead on arrival.

The officers allegedly seized an ‘AR’ RIFLE fitted with a magazine containing 30 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, nine spent 9. mm shells and one live .9mm round, also  two shoulder side bags, one containing 2 live 5.56 rounds of ammunition and 9 clear plastic packets of plant like material, resembling marijuana.

The men are yet to be identified.