Two Cents Movements responds to allegations of ‘sexual grooming’ by one of its mentors

Two Cents Movements responds to allegations of ‘sexual grooming’ by one of its mentors

“The 2 Cents Movement is aware and mindful of allegations being made against our organisation.”

After a day of heated comments on Twitter, Two Cents Movement responded to the allegations made against one its mentors; on the issue of sexual grooming.

In a Facebook post made this afternoon, Two Cents Movement said “they humbly apologise to our members, staff and stakeholders for any hurt or discomfort that may have been experienced in connection to this matter.”

The organisation continued by saying that, “the 2 Cents Movement does not condone sexual misconduct of any kind, and has developed strict policies to deal with such matters. We continue to offer love and support to all persons that may have been affected by this situation.”

“When the allegations were first made in 2017 we took the matter to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service as we take such allegations very seriously. The contractor was suspended from the organization on the basis of the allegations received to facilitate independent investigation from direct complaints to the police,” says Two Cents Movement.

They said they took action to ensure preventative measures were in place.

“We organized team training in three areas – Youth Work Best Practice Workshop, a Boundary Setting and Safeguarding Workshop, and Risks and Protocol Workshop hosted by the Children’s Authority. We created a mandatory contract with safeguarding guidelines that all contractors were required to sign before engaging in any further work.”

“During this period also, we engaged the expertise of several organizations and held internal consultations with our team to be guided on our next steps,” says Two Cents Movement.

The Facebook post continues by saying that after one year and six months, when no complaints were made to the authorities and after consultation with their team, they re-engaged the contractor on a project basis.

However they said it came to their attention that this situation is unresolved, evolving and may be affecting the well-being of our community.

They said that they are no longer working with the contractor in any capacity and have offered and provided counselling services to the aggrieved.

“We have been engaging further with our stakeholders to thoroughly address the matter.”

Two Cents Movement said the situation has been a painful and a learning experience for all involved.

And is says they are committed to improving how they serve the community.