Twitter ‘Bachannal’ Unleashed As Nail Tech Blasts Customer

Twitter ‘Bachannal’ Unleashed As Nail Tech Blasts Customer

Nail technicians are known to breathe the toxic fumes from doing manicures but this time, it’s fumes of frustration, as a popular local nail tech decided to rant about her discomforts with a client online.

The nail Tech, who goes by the name @jhohannails on Twitter, got into a social media feud on Friday, subsequently sharing her displeasure with a client named @ariel_welsh who continued to postpone her appointment, even though Jho claimed that she messaged her almost two weeks and then two days before each appointment, resulting in Jho being blocked and unable to defend herself online.

“I would just like everyone to know about my experience with @jhohannails as I was put in a situation where I felt as if I was treated very unfairly and unprofessionally as a client who was just trying to get a service done. Thread of my experience,” said Ariel.


Click below to listen to what @jhohannails  had to say:


Ariel further lamented that “When the current restrictions of no non-essential businesses were announced she posted for all her clients to message her which I did. She told me that my appointment still stands, even tho I was hesitant I left it in hopes that the covid cases would’ve declined by then.”

“Well aware of her policies I was willing to lose the deposit I had made at that point however she was kind to allow me to reschedule. I rescheduled for the 14th of May before the current restrictions were put in place. And was told to confirm 48 hours before the appointment,” she said.

Screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation were shared online as additional proof of the unfortunate occurrence.

Many Twitter followers shared their comments about the feud, here are some statements below:

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