Twenty-Seven Beneficiaries Receive Home Improvement Grant

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Twenty-Seven Beneficiaries Receive Home Improvement Grant

27 Beneficiaries have received Home Improvement Grant  from Minister of Housing Minister, Camille Robinson-Regis.

The event took place at the Bon Air Gardens Community Centre, Emperor Boulevard, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca on Wednesday.

The Housing Ministry said the aim is to assist as many low-income families as is feasibly possible, despite the current economic challenges facing the country.

It said since its inception, the Programme has been able to assist thousands of qualifying families across Trinidad to effect critical repairs and upgrades to their existing homes and in so doing improve their living conditions.

In her address, Minister Robinson-Regis, stated the number of recipients receiving their cheques is a sample representation of the total number of eighty beneficiaries air-marked to receive Home Improvement Grants in the coming weeks.

Minister Robinson-Regis told the audience, “the Ministry has recently processed eighty Home Improvement Grants for distribution, to the value of one million, five thousand dollars.