Turkeys terrorise residents in retirement town

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Turkeys terrorise residents in retirement town

Officials in a retirement community in Texas are scrambling for a solution as senior citizens are being intimidated, harassed and chased into their own homes.

The culprits? A group of wild turkeys that have grown accustomed to people over the years as residents repeatedly fed them.

Media reports say that residents of Sun City initially encountered the turkeys while hiking in the wooded area surrounding the town.

Most people in the community agree that the problems stem from people feeding the turkeys.

Last year, the turkeys became braver and would often stand in the middle of roads and peck at cars that would stop for them. If the cars pulled away, the turkeys would give chase.

Now the turkeys are getting violent. They chased one resident onto her porch and repeatedly rammed into her. They then formed a blockade and refused to let the woman leave her house.

Members of the Community Association have been told that their options are either to move or to kill the turkeys.

However they say that they see neither as feasible and would rather recapture and relocate the animals.