Tunapuna business & TTPS working closely with Eagle Eye project to keep communities safer

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Tunapuna business & TTPS working closely with Eagle Eye project to keep communities safer

The Tunapuna Police Station Council (TSCC) and the Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce under the Eagle Eye project which is Tunapuna aimed at attacking crime in the bustling town centre using 100 private security cameras placed at strategic locations, have granted access to its live feed, with the consent of its customers, to the police to help combat crime in Tunapuna.

The Eagle Eye cameras that are owned by Citizen Surveillance Network (CSN) have monthly costs ranging from $66 to $199. The cheapest rate is $2.20 a day. This monthly maintenance fee covers repairs and replacement of the cameras should they become faulty. There are 400 registered businesses in Tunapuna, of which approximately 80 per cent have invested in the cameras.

The crime wave in the country prompted both private citizens and businesses to invest in CCTV camera systems to monitor their surroundings. The homes of residents in five communities in Tunapuna’s St John’s Road, Diamond Drive, El Dorado Gardens, Karamath Street, and College Road have already been outfitted with cameras.

The Eagle Eye project, was launched three months ago and the TTPS head of the North Central Division Senior Superintendent Richard Smith said the T&T Police Service (TTPS) was moving to have this initiative implemented in other police stations and communities across the country, as it sent a message to robbers that they were being monitored and recorded. Video footage captured can be tendered as evidence in court by the police. He said it was one way the public is fighting back. Tunapuna is one of five police stations that falls under Smith’s division. The other four stations, Maracas St Joseph, Arouca, Piarco, and St Joseph, are also interested in monitoring rooms.

T&T Police Service’s has ten police divisions, and Smith added Central, Western and North-Eastern divisions had expressed an interest in the establishment of similar monitoring rooms in their police stations. The St Joseph and Barataria police stations were first in line to establish monitoring rooms followed by the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation municipal police. Barataria Police Station would be next.