TTUTA President on S.E.A. issue: “Dont shoot the messenger”

TTUTA President on S.E.A. issue: “Dont shoot the messenger”

The Covid-19 pandemic restrictions has disrupted every sector of every society, in many different ways. The education sector had to respond after the restriction and lockdown conditions imposed by the government in the interest of protecting lives and containing the virus. One of the most affect cohorts of students was those who were on the verge of writing the high stakes S.E.A. examinations. The S.E.A. like CAPE & CSEC have been delayed, in addition to many questioning how ready these students are for these important examinations.

IzzSo media spoke to TTUTA president Antonia De Freitas about TTUTA’s position on the SEA. Many in the public have critiqued TTUTA regarding their concerns about the exams and TTUTA’s questions about the emotional readiness of students for the S.E A. exams:

The issue of the S.E.A date of August 20th ,2020, as announced by the government should be cause great concern, since the students would have had significant disruptions. Teachers are expected to return to classrooms by July 20th, giving one month of interface with the S.E.A. students. Mrs. De Freitas says while the teachers are willing to participate in the interest of the students welfares, there remains the important discussions about the impact the covid-19 restrictions have had on the students readiness, especially when the restrictions have exacerbated the significant gaps in the education system:

She said in hundreds of cases teachers have not found nor been able to contact or interface with students for many reasons including limited or no devices, limited or no supervision, limited or no WIFI access and in some cases behavioural issues. TTUTA President stressed the fact that the present interventions of the education Ministry is of an emergency intervention nature, and should not be compared to or mistaken for the normal types of interface under normal circumstances:

She ended by saying that any decision must be in the interest of the overall well being of all the students and their individual circumstances. De Freitas again expressed concerns that it would be challenging to reorient students in just one month for a high stakes exams.This is not in the best interest of these students. She also said there has been no psychological assessment of these students: