TTUTA: Crime can be traced to the education system

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TTUTA: Crime can be traced to the education system

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association says that for the most part it is in full agreement with Professor Deosaran’s comments.

President of the Association Martin Lum Kin told News Power Now this morning that TTUTA respects Professor Deosaran’s opinons based on his knowledge and experience.

Criminologist Ramesh Deosaran said this morning on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102 Digital that the Government needs to pay attention to those who come out of school ill prepared to function in everyday society or they will continue to struggle with the burgeoning crime rate.

Lum Kin agreed that the matter of crime is cause for great concern and can be traced to the education system and is also rooted in the community.

He said that gangs offer the love and acceptance that these students crave that they don’t get at school or at home.

Lum Kin claimed their frustration at school pushes them toward the gang culture.

He said TTUTA has recognised that the Ministry of Education is attempting through the National Training Agency as well as other agencies to deal with the situation however it simply isn’t enough.