TTUTA condemns disrespect and gross misconduct of student in viral video

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TTUTA condemns disrespect and gross misconduct of student in viral video

The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) has expressed great displeasure with the level of disrespect and gross misconduct of some students in our nation’s school.

This follows the now viral video of a female student at a Secondary school, seen verbally abusing and threatening her female teacher.

TTUTA, in a release, said it condemns such actions by students, parents and other stakeholders, which often threatens to break the spirit of their members.

TTUTA said it is imperative that the education system provides more avenues to afford schools the ability to instill higher levels of discipline.

The association said it will not benefit anyone to throw away responsibility and discipline in the name of preserving children’s rights.

“As an advocate for worker rights, TTUTA also understands and demonstrates the needs to balance rights with responsibility and professionalism.”

TTUTA is calling on the Ministry of Education, the National Parent Teachers Association (NPTA) and all education stakeholders to play greater roles in supporting teachers as they seek to develop their young charges to become model citizens of our society.

“Our teachers need your support. We cannot allow their morale to be eaten away by such conduct and further ridicule them for not giving of their best.”

TTUTA is calling for great advocacy from all stakeholders by taking a more proactive stance in this plight.