TTSPCA: “Don’t buy a monkey as a pet!!”

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TTSPCA: “Don’t buy a monkey as a pet!!”

The Trinidad and Tobago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is now appealing to citizens not to purchase illegal animals as pets.

This call after authorities were notified about a monkey being housed at a residence in Maraval.

A Facebook post was made sharing details of a monkey trying to escape a home. 

The monkey who is not a native of Trinidad and Tobago was trapped, dehydrated and hungry.

“Saturday evening we got a call from Maraval about a monkey in someone’s home. We requested that they keep it sequestered in a room from which there was no way of escaping and we would send out a rescue team in the morning.
Sunday morning we arrived to discover that the very ceilings made it impossible to capture this primate. New plan needed.
We decided to trap the monkey who was getting hungrier by the minute. We went back to the Centre and crafted a smaller trap to capture the tresspasser.
Sunday evening we were back with our trap. On entering the room we were shocked at the destruction that this one monkey was able do in such a short period of time.
Monkey poop and pee was everywhere and he smashed bottles and just created a mess.
We stuck to our plan and set our trap baited with silk fig and apple.
After a short wait we got him.
Silk is irresistible to wildlife.
So much thanks to the home owner for calling us and assisting us to safely and humanely remove this monkey which is not native to Trinidad and Tobago and has the potential to carry zoonotic diseases.
The monkey was taken to the Wildlife Centre and tomorrow he has a date with our vet to have his examination. His teeth and mouth are messed up probably because his canine teeth were cut and filed down to prevent deep lacerations to the hands of the owners.
This monkey cannot be released. It is not a native to Trinidad and Tobago.
Please stop buying illegal wildlife.
The life you save could be your own.