T&T’s COVID-19 Update

T&T’s COVID-19 Update

There’s been a global impact on how we live since the introduction of the novel coronavirus. In recent weeks since Trinidad and Tobago’s first identified COVID-19 case, the Government has feverously activated its national health and safety protocols to quarantine the high raise of infections.

At today’s press conference held at the Ministry of Health, the Minister of Health, the Minister of National Security and Dr. Sally-Anne Ishmael shared with the public updated information during this ‘STAY HOME’ period in Trinidad and Tobago.


Minister of National Security, the Honourable, Stuart Young

Minister Young: A decision was taken to further reduce public gatherings from 10 persons to 5 persons. The Regulations will be amended today to reflect this change.

Minister Young: The regulations that cover public gatherings do NOT apply to outside banks and supermarkets, citizens are advised to practice social distancing in those settings.

Minister Young: It is NOT illegal for taxi drivers to increase their fare due to the regulations reducing their passenger load to 50%.

Minister Young: TT Spirit has been taken off the sea bridge, the Galleons passage & Jean de la Vallette will make 1 trip per day and Cargo vessel, the Cabo Star will operate as normal.

Minister Young: The TTPS is in search of a patient who escaped quarantine, The escaped patient has tested negative but was in quarantine and the TTPS is asking anyone with information to contact them.

Minister Young: There is no magic number for escalation in the stay at home policy and people are strongly ADVISED to not exercise in public spaces. The Commissioner of Police was referring to the police’s power of arrest on the matter.


Dr. Sally-Anne Ishmael

Dr. Sally-Anne Ishmael: Hospitals have made changes regarding pregnant women, there will be new clinic times, limited visiting and limited visitors and this is to ensure the health and safety of pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Dr. Sally-Anne Ishmael: Pregnant women are more likely to have mild to no symptoms and recover completely and there is no evidence of Covid-19 impacting the development of the foetus.


Minister of Health Terrance Deyalsingh

Minister Deyalsingh: Members of the public with no recent travel history or contact with a Covid-19 positive case are NOT a priority for testing

Minister Deyalsingh: To get a true positive test, the person being tested has to have symptoms as certain viral load levels are required for the test to detect the virus. An asymptomatic person will give a false-negative test result.