TTPS urges public to avoid becoming a target to criminals during Carnival

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TTPS urges public to avoid becoming a target to criminals during Carnival

The T&T Police Service (TTPS) is urging the driving public not to make themselves a target and outfit their vehicles with GPS trackers.

TTPS Media Ambassador acting ASP Rajesh Lal, gave the warning as the service has been seeing high incidence of vehicular theft.

Speaking on CNC3’s Morning Brew yesterday, Lal also advised party-goers to adjust their spending and even their outfits to avoid becoming a target of criminal during the Carnival season.

Lal said: “We are asking members of the public if they can have those GPS systems installed in the vehicles.”

He pointed out that the majority of stolen vehicles recovered had GPS devices installed and in some instances suspects had been arrested in the vehicles.

He said the police are working on ways to reduce the number of vehicular thefts.

According to Lal, they have been seeing an increase in theft of Honda City cars and Kia pick-up trucks and noted that while vehicle owners spend money to install music systems and upgrade rims, they seldom got around to installing GPS devices.

Lal also advised patrons at Carnival fetes to park in well-lit areas, inspect the vehicle before getting in and plan safe and easy access routes.
He also warned against going to parties with large amounts of cash and wearing flashy jewelry whether it is real or not.

He said victims of vehicular theft should “communicate with 999 immediately.”