TTPS: Stolen Bicycle Valued $30,000 Recovered in Barataria

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TTPS: Stolen Bicycle Valued $30,000 Recovered in Barataria

Officers of the North Eastern Division Gang Intelligence Unit, arrested one man, and recovered a stolen bicycle during an anti-crime exercise conducted in Barataria on October, 17th    .

According to police reports, one yellow and black Pinarello Road Bike was advertised for sale on Facebook.

The bike was previously reported stolen on October 12th 2022, from the Western Division.

The victim, of Diego Martin, said he parked his Nissan X-trail vehicle in front of his house which later went missing, his Road Bike valued at $30,000 was inside of the vehicle.

The officers conducted an operation at the residence of the seller in Barataria, they were shown the bike which was being offered for sale.

The officers then contacted the owner of the bike, who was able assist police in verifying particular markings on the bicycle.

The bike was seized and the suspect was subsequently arrested.