TTPS slams Newsday for irresponsible, misleading report on DCP Jacob

TTPS slams Newsday for irresponsible, misleading report on DCP Jacob

The Communications Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Service has described as unfortunate, Sunday Newsday’s headline and story about Deputy Commissioner (Ag) Donald Jacob.

The headline attributes the following statement to DCP (Ag.) Jacob ‘I will fix the Police Service’.

However, according to the TTPS, Deputy Commissioner (Ag.) Jacob never made any such statement and described him as the ultimate team player.

The TTPS release said “The Newsday in its quest to sensationalize, has purposely used this headline with a clear view to create confusion and rancor in the TTPS.”

To quote DCP (Ag.) Jacob, “I never told the reporter that. In fact, I never even said anything close to that. Why would I make such a statement? I’m already part of a process that’s repairing the Police Service. The crime stats speak for themselves. Every violent crime category is down by a minimum of 20 percent. According to various polls the TTPS popularity rating has improved from 14 percent to approximately 55 percent. So from where I sit we are on the right track. As Deputy Commissioner(Ag), I am responsible for intelligence and investigations. I am also responsible for all the technological developments that have been made in the Service over the last 3 years and the integrating of the technology with processes and people. I am already part of the transformation. I am already part of the solution.”

The TTPS requested that the Newsday be more responsible, in not only what is reported but how they present their report.

They said “Misleading headlines such as this one serve to create unnecessary confusion and can have the effect of painting a picture of the TTPS executive team, in a manner that is simply inaccurate. What’s worse is, when one reads the actual article it is in no way consistent with the front page headline. Why then was that headline used? What could be the objective? ”

The TTPS reminded the Newsday that this is not the first time something like this has happened, most recently the Newsday gleefully published a headline that the TTPS paid for an independent survey of its performance (this is both normal and required). “This is a normal activity for any progressive organization to measure where it is and what it’s doing. After the aforementioned headline on us paying for our survey, the TTPS research department uncovered an instance where the Newsday, boasted of a poll conducted by HHB and associates which sought to measure the organization’s performance and readership. The Newsday should tell us all who paid for that.”

They said “Surely announcing ACP Jacob’s appointment/promotion to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police could have been done in a manner that brings more honor to both him and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.
“We recognize that you have your job to do and that your newspaper is a business which seeks to be profitable, but we ask of you, just as you rightfully ask and demand of the TTPS, that you do it professionally and with integrity.”