TTPS going above and beyond the call of duty


TTPS going above and beyond the call of duty

Police Officers are ridiculed daily for their performance on the job by citizens, and very rare they’ll be praised for doing ‘Good Deeds’.

PC Moses and WPC Keller went above and beyond to assist a driver in distress.

Over the weekend, while driving towards the Aranguez overpass from El Soccorro, a female driver drove through diesel that was spilled on the roadway.

Her car skid off the road, went onto the grass, ran into the edge of a drain and was somehow knocked back into the lane, where she came to a stop.

Her car was unable to move; the tyre flat, the rim dented and the bumper bore minor scratches.

This was when a TTPS vehicle came along with the two amazing officers onboard.

Pictures provided by Dija Taylor on Facebook.