TTPS: Gangs contoling minds of youngsters

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TTPS: Gangs contoling minds of youngsters

SENIOR Supt Rishi Singh of the Port of Spain CID has warned that gang leaders were literally enslaving the minds of vulnerable youngsters into entering a life of criminality.

Speaking at a briefing at police headquarters in Port of Spain on Thursday, he said police intelligence into gang activity had revealed some concerning trends.

He said the sad reality is that a young boy in a depressed community often views a gang leader as his saviour.

Singh said even when parents try to send their child to school, his mind can remain trapped by the gangster.

Earlier, Singh said Port of Spain was “largely safe for your average citizen” and the police would endeavour to keep it that way.

He said the police plans to get tougher with crime in Port of Spain.

However he warned people in the city to brace themselves for some disruptions as officers ramp up operations.

The TTPS says it’s confident that it is going to be worth it.