TTPS debunking false news on parking lot perfume scam


TTPS debunking false news on parking lot perfume scam

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is reminding members of the public to be cautious of false information sent via social media, which can cause unnecessary panic and anxiety.

Sent via media release the TTPS gave examples of false information circulating on social media regarding persons stopping drivers to smell perfume on a piece  paper saying persons will ‘pass out’, and that seven girls have been missing as a result of the perfume scam.

The TTPS said that no advisory has been issued by the TTPS nor have any reports been made to the police concerning these matters.

There is also no branch of the TTPS called the “DCP crime branch”

Citizens are advised to refrain from posting and sharing misleading information which can cause anxiety.

Members of the public are advised to check and stay updated with the TTPS App and also with TTPS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for accurate information on matters relating to crime and policing.