TTPS appeals to motorists to be cautious during weather alert

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TTPS appeals to motorists to be cautious during weather alert

As Trinidad and Tobago remains on a severe weather alert due to heavy rainfall, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is asking the public to be alert and safe during this period to reduce the risk of harm and injury.

The Acting Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob has placed all Divisions, Sections and Branches of the TTPS on high alert during this period with increased patrols liaising directly with the OCC, ODPM and Regional Corporations for immediate support.

There have been reports of a number of roadways sustaining damages in the areas of Manzanailla Mayaro Road, Gran Couva, and the Lady Young Road.

There are significant risks from floodwaters and rivers which are at maximum capacity or overflowing, therefore the public is advised to proceed with caution. River flows can be very unpredictable as they can descend at a high rate of speed from higher mountainous areas, carrying with it debris and toxic chemicals and their force can quickly destroy roads, bridges, and cause landslides. It is important to stay away from floodwater, including walking or driving, as much as possible.

The TTPS has noted social media clips showing persons taking unnecessary risks to record videos on the edge of compromised riverbanks and roadways to obtain “viral” footage. We are appealing to persons to exercise greater caution during these times as sub-surface damages to roads or embankments would not be visible and such situations can quickly lead to serious injury or death.

Avoid driving in flood prone areas, be prepared and plan an alternate route in case the road you want to use is closed. Before travelling, please check for updates from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMet Office) and Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) for the latest road conditions. If you find yourself on a road that is flooded, the best choice is to turn around if you can do so safely. If a road is marked as closed, do not continue.

Floodwaters can easily cause loss of control and possible stalling and damage to the mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle.

Water can also hide dips and potholes in the road, as well as submerged trees or downed power lines. Without being able to see the road’s surface, you may hit something and cause major damage to your vehicle (in addition to possible flood damage).

Drivers are also reminded to be extra cautious when driving at night as it will be more difficult to spot hazards. If your vehicle stalls in floodwater, be prepared to abandon it, and move safely to higher ground.

If you have an emergency or become stranded, please call the 999 Emergency Hotline to have first responders dispatched to your location.


Source: TTPS