TTPOST transformation in progress

TTPOST transformation in progress

Minister of Public Utilities, Marvin Gonzales, says transformation has already begun at the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation.

Minister Gonzales says the Corporation has set ambitious targets and aims to transform its financial performance and customer service over the next three years through significant investment in people, technology and infrastructure, as it seeks to become the preferred
delivery service provider for both domestic and outbound packages.”

Minister Gonzales made the remarks at the official launch of TTPOST Address Improvement and Postal Code Implementation Project,
commonly referred to as the S-42 Addressing Standard today.


The official launch was held at the Diego Martin South Community Centre, with Diego Martin representing the final Regional Corporation to become part of the Address Improvement and Postal Code System.

Minister Gonzales said the implementation of the S- 42 addressing system, would ensure a more efficient and reliable mail-delivery
service, which is imperative to TTPost weening off Government subventions in these trying times.

The Public Utilities Minister said all state agencies must go through transformations, so just as the case with WASA and T&TEC, TTPost must be also restructured, to be able to compete in this economy, and this is nothing new as TTPost was restructured in 1999, which resulted in a marked improvement of the Corporation.