T&TEC Urges Caution With Fireworks Use

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T&TEC Urges Caution With Fireworks Use

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is reminding members of the public about fireworks safety as new year celebrations approaches.

T&TEC says fireworks and fire lanterns (aka sky lanterns) may be lovely to look at, but they pose a danger to electricity infrastructure, property and animals. If not handled properly, they can also cause burns and other physical injuries.

Before using fireworks or fire lanterns, T&TEC encourages persons to consider the elderly and sick, other persons who may be sensitive to sudden, loud noises, and pets. If you must use fireworks/ fire lanterns, please be guided by the following:

• Carefully set up and use fireworks/ lanterns in an open area, clear of overhead power lines. Do not string fireworks on utility poles.

• Point fireworks away from homes/ buildings. Keep away from brush, leaves and flammable substances. Watch out for utility lines that they could strike .

• Buy only legal fireworks (legal fireworks sh o u ld have a label with the manufacturer’s name and directions for use. Illegal ones are typically not labeled, may contain misspelled words or non-English language).

• Children under the age of 12 should never play with fireworks or lanterns. Children above this age should be supervised by an adult.

• Have consideration for others—babies, the sick and elderly. Limit your use of fireworks.

• Think about pets. Animals have sensitive ears and can be extremely frightened or stressed by loud noises. Keep pets indoors to reduce the risk that they may run loose or get injured.