T&TEC to operate emergency election hotline

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T&TEC to operate emergency election hotline

T&TEC will activate additional emergency hotlines to allow for an immediate response to any electricity emergencies that may occur on election day, Monday, December 2nd 2019.

Members of the public and election officials are encouraged to contact T&TEC at 794-7264 or 794-4823 to report any electricity emergencies that impact election activities.

The Commission has no scheduled outages on the day and, additionally, conducted pre-election assessments to ensure that polling stations have an uninterrupted electricity supply. But, in the unforeseen instance of an emergency, channeling calls through the hotline will ensure quick response.

The hotline will be operational from 4:30 p.m., Sunday December 1st 2019 to 12:00 midnight on polling day.

T&TEC’s 24/7 trouble report lines – 800-BULB (2852) and 800-TTEC (8832) will remain operational during the period.