T&TEC investigates islandwide blackout…OWTU says don’t blame employees

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T&TEC investigates islandwide blackout…OWTU says don’t blame employees

An investigation has begun into yesterday’s islandwide blackout with T&TEC’s head set to appear before a Cabinet committee to answer questions.

The confirmation comes from T&TEC’s General Manager Kelvin Ramsook who this morning confirmed that he will have to answer to the Government today.

According to a release from T&TEC at approximately 12.50 pm yesterday, there was a major disturbance on the electricity system which caused T&TEC’s two major Gandhi Village/ Union Estate 220 KV lines to trip.

This resulted in system instability and caused all the generating machines operated by IPPs to trip, leading to a loss of supply to all customers in Trinidad.

T&TEC explained that although the Independent Power Producers were directed to restart their generators at about 1:30PM, there were some unforeseen delays in completing this process.

Electricity supply to the east, north and west of the island was restored by 1 o’clock this morning.

Speaking with Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show, T&TEC’s General Manager Kelvin Ramsook said that investigations are still underway into the incident.

Despite the investigation being ongoing, leader of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union, Ancil Roget has denied that the incident was a result of employee sabotage.

He made the comment while speaking during a media briefing this morning.

Mr Roget emphasized that the workers played no role in causing the blackout.

Mr Roget went a step further as he then commended the T&TEC and PowerGen employees for their roles in restoring the power after yesterday’s blackout.