TTCG aid in locating missing fishermen


TTCG aid in locating missing fishermen

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) assisted in locating two missing fishermen whose pirogue lost contact with another pirogue while at sea.

According to a release issued by TTCG, while conducting a Maritime Operations Patrol Exercise and Media Tour yesterday, their vessel was approached by a pirogue, HONESTY, captained by Devon Samaroo along with two other occupants. Samaroo reported that he was in search of another vessel ‘BORN FIFTH’ with two occupants on board that had lost contact with them after leaving the port. The TTCG began coordinating resources for a search and rescue operation to locate the missing vessel and its occupants. Around 7:24p.m, Samaroo contacted the TTCG and informed them that the missing vessel had been towed to ALCAN, Chaguaramas and had subsequently been taken in tow to Otaheite Bay.

All occupants aboard the vessel were safe.