T&T Evangelical Churches disheartened by inhumane conditions at TLM


T&T Evangelical Churches disheartened by inhumane conditions at TLM

The Trinidad and Tobago Council of Evangelical Churches is disheartened to learn of the inhumane conditions under which 69 of this country’s citizens have been found, some of them purportedly for years, and the inhumane treatment that has been meted out to them, under the pretext of drug rehabilitation.  

Sent via media release the council, commiserates with the nation over this horrific finding; for this is undoubtedly a travesty of humanity.  Furthermore, it would like to applaud the Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, and his team, for his diligent and excellent work in carrying out this investigation and rescue.  The council stands with them and the rest of the nation in the condemning of this act.  

Additionally, the council would like to address the fact that a Christian pastor, Glen Awong, also the head of the ministry in question – Transformation Life Ministry Rehabilitation Centre – has been unfortunately implicated in this matter.  Naturally, when one member of the body falters or when someone who carries the title of pastor behaves in an unchristian way, the Church comes into disrepute – understandably so.  It is only natural, in situations like these, that one’s faith will be shaken.  

However, the council stated that they would like to make clear that the actions of Pastor Awong do not reflect the values of Christianity.  In fact, the council in no way condones his actions and those of his staff.  There are Bible verses throughout the Bible which instruct believers to speak out against injustice and oppression.  Isaiah 1:17, for example, instructs Christians “to do good; seek justice, correct oppression…” Therefore, the actions of Pastor Awong are not reflective of true Christian virtues.

Lastly, the council does hope that the victims will receive all the necessary counselling, medical and financial support that they need to make a full recovery and be reintegrated into society.  Its prayers are with them and their loved ones.