TT Dancers TOP the All Dance International Competition

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TT Dancers TOP the All Dance International Competition

The 22-Members Caribbean School of Dancing Ltd achieved first place in five competitive categories and placed second and third in several other categories at the All Dance International Competition in Florida, held in Orlando, November 24 – December 1.

Team members between the ages of 12 and 17–entered 16 different categories in the competition. Capturing first place in the open category duet (tap) youth, contemporary trio youth, small group ethnic youth, large group contemporary youth and large group lyrical.

The All Dance International Competition is the biggest Dance Organization worldwide, with a presence in 5 continents and more than 100 countries.

The Caribbean School of Dancing, or Caribbean School, as it is popularly known, strives for a high standard and can boast of having “given birth” to many world-class dancers who have performed or are still performing in all corners of the globe. It holds a dual philosophy of training students at the highest levels of ballet and of exposing the students to the wider world of the arts in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Caribbean School has spawned several prominent dance teachers and choreographers on the local and international scene. These include Carol Yip Choy, Roxanne Fung, Jeffrey Carter, David Byer, Cathy-Ann Gibbon, Penelope Kalloo, Christel de Souza, Noble Douglas, Michelle Mose, Claudia Applewhaite, Esther Villaroel, Ann Paula Bovell-Bibby, Nancy Herrera, Sonja Dumas, Heather Henderson-Gordon, Bridgette Wilson, Francesca Vazzana-Williams, Sharlene George and Shari Rhyner. In all, many students who had their first formal training at the Caribbean School of Dancing have gone professional in their dance careers.

The school offers classes in Ballet (Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus), Modern, Tap and Jazz (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance syllabus), and Graham technique, and continues to collaborate with a diverse group of artists for workshops and special projects.

Bridgette Wilson, principal of the Caribbean School of Dancing Ltd said “Competitions train the students to work well under pressure, show them how much time is needed to study their craft and teach them time management. It also teaches them to be well-rounded people.”