T&T covid-19 vaccine recipients report mostly mild side effects

T&T covid-19 vaccine recipients report mostly mild side effects

After weeks of vaccine discussions and debate Trinidad and Tobago citizens started receiving their jabs. As of Monday 26th April, the Ministry of Health reported that just over 41 thousand persons had received their Jabs. The country at this stage had just over 70 thousand available vaccines received from India, the COvax facility and 2000 as a gift from the government of Barbados. Trinidad and Tobago has only received the AstraZenica brand of vaccine.

But how were persons who received the jabs reporting their experience and side effects. Izzso media spoke to fifty persons who reported that they received their first jabs. More than 50 % (25 persons) reported mild side effects including , moderate pain in the arm where the vaccine was done,  mild muscle aches and slight fatigue within 12 hours of having received the jab. Ten person of the fifty reported absolutely no side effects whatsoever . and the remainder reporting moderate side effects including slight fever, headaches , muscle aches and cold chills.

Most of the respondents reported that their symptoms lasted between one to two days, and were alienated by taking Panadol or Tylenol. The Ministry of health indicated that persons will begin receiving their second jabs from June 2021.

Izzso media underscores this was by no means a scientific survey. The 50 persons represents only 0.12 % of the 41 thousand vaccinated so far.