TT Chamber supports implementation of the curfew

TT Chamber supports implementation of the curfew

The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce is in full support of government’s implementation of a State of Emergency and curfew.

In a statement, The Chamber said that “Due to the number of infections and the strain on the healthcare system, we recognise we had to escalate the actions to halt, curb and reverse the spread; therefore we support the implementation of the curfew.”

They said “The sobering reality of our current situation is in part, due to weak enforcement of the restrictions, porous borders and irresponsible behaviour of the non-compliant.
We must ideally leverage the digital infrastructure many businesses have put in place to allow them to operate. Curbside pickup and delivery provides excellent opportunities for businesses to operate while reducing the movement and physical points of contact among citizens.”


“We also look forward to reviewing the regulations under the State of Emergency, recognizing that citizens’ rights must be protected and approved businesses should be allowed to operate under the terms of the State of Emergency.
We implore everyone to be diligent in taking all necessary steps to save lives. It is time for us all to do our part – no one is safe until everyone is safe.”