TT Chamber heartened by government’s acquisition of more vaccines

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TT Chamber heartened by government’s acquisition of more vaccines

The Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday, that Government has been able to acquire more Covid19 vaccines for the population, is welcome news to the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

In a statement on Saturday, The Chamber said: “We look forward to details on the amount of vaccines acquired and the timing of the vaccination rollout plan. The announcement of additional vaccines will assist in reducing the level of anxiety among the population.”

The Chamber added, “It is heartening to see the improvements in the vaccination strategy to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of the vaccines.”

The PM said also stated yesterday that while the daily 9 pm to 5 pm curfew will not be changed, there would be some adjustments for the public holidays on Monday (Indian Arrival Day) and Thursday (Corpus Christi) to limit movement during the day.
He also announced that hardware will be closed for one week and the sale of pre-packaged food prepared by restaurants and fast food businesses will also be banned, as attempts are being made to curb the number of COVID-19 cases in T&T.

The Chamber said it recognises the need for additional clarity, restrictions and adjusted curfew time on the upcoming public holidays announced by the Prime Minister to ensure compliance by all concerned.

“We are at a tipping point in dealing with the current pandemic. It is critical that every citizen understand that their behaviour plays an integral role in curbing the spread. Let’s each do our part – Be the One to save a life. While we are confident that the essential businesses are doing their part to keep their employees and consumers safe, we implore everyone to continue to be diligent and take the necessary steps to save lives.