TT Chamber and AmchamTT in support of government’s stance on vaccination for public servants

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TT Chamber and AmchamTT in support of government’s stance on vaccination for public servants

The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce has voiced its support behind government’s decision “to do what is right” for the country and ensure that all government workers are vaccinated.

In an immediate response to the Prime Minister’s press conference on Saturday, the Chamber said the dire covid infection and death rates “along with the low vaccination rates of the public sector has left the Government with no choice but to create the environment to have the public sector vaccinated and therefore as a responsible employer and as a responsible Government, they must take decisions deemed to protect their employees and the population. “

The Chamber added “The point of these interventions is not to restrict personal freedoms. It is to preserve them and prevent lockdowns or heavier restrictions. The government has taken visible leadership on this next phase of dealing with COVID in the workplace, cognizant that we are in the throes of a worldwide pandemic.”

The Chamber believes the move is a key imperative to address the level of vaccination “As the single largest employer in the country, they have set the framework for other employers to follow. This approach must be a joint effort and we are committed to assisting in whatever way we can.”

Meanwhile the American Chamber of Commerce T&T (AMCHAM) has also welcomed the government’s latest vaccination move.

“We hope that these measures combined with responsible individual behaviour will result in fewer deaths and lower infection rates as a result of COVID-19” AMCHAM stated.

It added “We also look forward to the inclusion of the private sector in the legislation that will be brought to the Parliament so that businesses will also have the legal clarity to designate their facilities as safe zones.”