Trump’s Bogus Election Fraud Claims to have Divided Republicans


Trump’s Bogus Election Fraud Claims to have Divided Republicans

US Florida Governor and Republican Ron DeSantis told Fox News that if Mr. Trump was denied what he called a “fair” count, state legislatures could consider “remedies,” suggesting they could order to their voters to vote against the winner of their state elections.

However, other Republican governors were much less supportive. Lieutenant Governor of Utah, and now Governor Elect, Spencer Cox,“There is nothing wrong with it taking a few days to count all the legitimate votes. Governor Phil Scott of Vermont, who voted for Mr. Biden, called Mr. Trump’s comments on Thursday “absolutely shameful.”

Even Mr. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, in a shallow supportive tweet on Friday morning, made no allegations of electoral fraud or theft.

“Every legally cast vote must be counted. Any illegal vote should not. It shouldn’t be controversial, ”Ms. Trump wrote. “This is not a partisan statement – free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy.”

His words contrasted with those of his brothers, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, who both brought massive accusations of widespread fraud. Earlier in the morning, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the baseless claim that there is “infinitely more evidence of electoral fraud than there has ever been” of ‘collusion with Russia’, but strangely no one in the media wants to look into the matter.

Ms Trump’s position also echoed that of Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday night, shortly after the president’s speech, which also did not include discussions of conspiracy or fraud.

Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser John R. Bolton, who since his acrimonious departure from the White House last summer has become a critic of Trump, has indirectly condemned his former boss without mentioning his name.