Trump Defends Capitol Rioters, Says There Was ‘Zero Threat’


Trump Defends Capitol Rioters, Says There Was ‘Zero Threat’

Ex U.S. President Donald Trump is still publicly defending the Capitol Hill agitators who raged the structure on January 6th.

He says there was “zero danger” and says they were “kissing and embracing the police.”

“It was zero danger. Directly from the beginning, it was zero danger,” Trump said. “See, they went in, they shouldn’t have done it. Some of them went in, and they’re embracing and kissing the police and the gatekeepers, you know, they had incredible connections,” Trump said on The Ingraham Angle.

Five individuals were executed during the viciousness. A lot more were harmed.

“A great deal of individuals were postponed in, and they strolled in and they left,” Trump proceeded, “and I’ll listen for a minute, they are getting things done to those – they’re aggrieving a ton of those individuals, and some of them ought to be — a few things ought to happen to them.”

He guarantees the agitators are being focused on.

“They follow individuals that, I surmise you’d call them ‘lean toward the right,’ and they wave American banners. By and large, they are waving the American banner, and they love our country. What’s more, to those individuals, they’re capturing them by the handfuls.”