Trouble in de ‘Red’ house- supporters want Le Hunte & Jennings-Smith

Trouble in de ‘Red’ house- supporters want Le Hunte & Jennings-Smith

Although the La Brea Executive is adamant that former Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte is the right candidate for the job, they have been told to widen their search and present a new candidate before the PNM executive on Monday.

But, the executive is refusing to find an alternative.

Only two candidates contested the seat, incumbent Nicole Olivierre and Le Hunte.

Some constituents disapproved of Olivierre as they have not been pleased with the way she managed the affairs of the constituency, during her five-year stint as MP.

There are also reports that one of the members from the La Brea executive is threatening to quit if Le Hunte isn’t chosen.

Supporters have also called for Rowley’s resignation, so upset are they by Le Hunte’s rejection.

Sources say Le Hunte garnered 20 of the 22 votes from the constituency executive, and 16 of 19 votes for the party.

Le Hunte continues to serve as the PNM’s vice- chairman and has said that he remains loyal to the PNM.

Meanwhile, Glenda Jennings-Smith via her Facebook page hinted that there was a deeper reason as to why she was not re-elected to the Toco/Sangre Grande constituency.

The incumbent shared the post “My story will be told” after receiving news that former cricketer and coach Mervyn Dillon was approved by the PNM executive for the Toco seat.

Similar to Le Hunte, Jennings-Smith supporters are not happy with the new choice.

Under the PNM constitution, the political leader can no longer veto the recommendations of the screening committee.