Trotters Restaurant charge customer extra for Covid costs

Trotters Restaurant charge customer extra for Covid costs

One customer’s visit to Trotters Restaurant over the weekend has left a sour taste in his mouth.

Based on the customer’s receipt, a 2.5% charge was added to his bill.

At the bottom of the customer’s receipt there is a disclaimer which reads:

“There’s nowhere quite like this. We have added a small 2.5% s/ch. This is to offset the PPE and Health protocol costs. Thank You.”

The customer posted the receipt to his Facebook page questioning the extra charge, and whether the company discussed the new measure with their customers before hand.

See post below:

“Trotters – why are you charging 2.5% extra on our bill because you want to offset your PPE cost and Health protocols?”


“I saw this on my bill last night and I am disgusted that you are adding this to our bill without even discussing it before in order to get agreeance.”

“Your establishment is already high earning – why must customers pay for you to be clean and sanitary?”

“This is very unfair!!!….2.5% adds up… amounted to almost 25TTD extra on our bill….”

“So people read your bills when you go to Trotters – you are paying for the gloves your waitress is wearing to serve the whole restaurant.”


Government made the decision to reopen restaurants for in-house dining after a three-month period of closure to manage the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Some restaurants – J. Malones, Bistro de Rustica and Drink Lounge and Bistro – have had to close their business due to the inactivity of the restaurant sector during that period.

The question is: Will other restaurants adopt this new measure to offset the cost of the slow economic period?