Trotters owner fears he may have to send workers home, as restrictions on restaurants stay

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Trotters owner fears he may have to send workers home, as restrictions on restaurants stay

The chief executive officer of the Trent Restaurant Group, which includes restaurants like Trotters and Buzo, said he will now be forced to close more of his restaurants and send workers home, in light of the Prime Minister’s decision to leave restrictions in place for bars and restaurants.

Businessman Peter George, in an interview with the media over the weekend, said in spite of the change in restrictions for some areas, it was not taking place within the sectors that generate revenue.

George said that while public-sector workers have been paid in full during the past eight months, private-sector workers continue to suffer.

He said with restrictions remaining in place for his sector, he does not know if he can open in two weeks.
“There’s a very good chance that all six restaurants may close,” he said.

“The damage being done to this country may well be irreversible. This is no longer just a medical crisis.”

He said while he understands the government’s position on keeping the country safe from the virus, it is not going away anytime soon and the country has to learn to live with it.

He said the experts like Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram are being guided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other foreign bodies, when they should be looking at the economy in the local context.
George said “We are not a developed country. We have to look at our problems through our lens and decide how to move forward for our country based on our issues just like our Caribbean partners have done.”

George accused the Prime Minister of not having the courage to make the difficult decisions like some of his Caricom counterparts.