Tropical wave may begin affecting T&T later today

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Tropical wave may begin affecting T&T later today

A tropical wave could begin affecting T&T late today.

In an update, the Met Service says there are currently two tropical waves to the east of T&T.

The nearer of the two is moving quickly towards the west between 15 to 20 kts.

The TTMS says although the forward motion has been varying, the axis of this wave is expected to reach T&T by Saturday evening (June 1st 2024) or early Sunday morning (June 2nd 2024).

As a result of convergence ahead of the axis, it says T&T could experience some partly cloudy periods from Saturday, with light or moderate showers in a few areas and the risk of the development of an isolated heavy shower or thunderstorm.

An increase in cloudiness is likely on Sunday with the continued risk for the development of isolated heavy showers or thunderstorms.

Conditions are expected to become settled during Sunday afternoon to evening, but by late night Sunday into Monday morning (June 3rd 2024), as a result of trailing convergence and some modulation of the ITCZ moisture, there is likely to be cloudy periods, with light to moderate showers over varying areas and a medium to high chance for the development of heavy showers or thunderstorms.

Meanwhile the other tropical wave could reach the lesser Antilles by late next week.

The TTMS says with the occurrence of heavy showers or thunderstorms, winds can become gusty and street or flash flooding is likely.

If there is any prolonged rainfall in elevated areas the risk of landslips or landslides increases.

In the near surface to the mid-levels, the wind is expected to be moderate and steady, and even sometimes strong, especially after the passage of the axis of the tropical wave.

It is possible for this to translate down to the surface at times giving breezy to windy, or gusty, conditions, most likely in the vicinity of any shower or in elevated areas.

As for Saharan dust, the concentration in the atmosphere is generally mild and is expected to continue to be mostly mild occasionally moderate for, at least, the next five days.