Trinis to be tested in Barbados before returning home

Trinis to be tested in Barbados before returning home

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roshan Parasram confirmed that he has been in constant communication with the CMO in Barbados to determine the medical status of the Trinidad and Tobago nationals returning home today.

He said he is awaiting a report from Dr. Best to determine their health status

“He (Dr. Best) just indicated a very short while ago that he’s attempting to test them before they come, we may get those results not before but a short while after. So in terms of testing, they will be tested as well.”

Dr. Parasram said our local county medical officer would do a full medical assessment of every person that comes to Trinidad. He will also do a public health assessment to determine their risk of contracting or spreading Covid.

“So that has to be done only when they get here and will be done by a team of experts in County St George East and St. Andrew St. David. Once that is complete, we will have a better sense of, in terms of where they can be quarantined whether i  a state facility or at their homes.”

Dr. Parasram said that decision can only come when they receive all the information that require to make that decision.