Trini’s cheeky comment to Drake reaches

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Trini’s cheeky comment to Drake reaches

A Trinidadian’s cheeky response to a video of Drake handing out cash to a fan while on vacation has made it to

The rapper has been spotted vacationing on the Caribbean with Jack Harlow in recent days, and the video has quickly made the rounds among his devoted fanbase.

The article refenreces a viral video circulating online which appears to show Drake gifting one lucky fan $10,000 in cash for his birthday

The rapper is seen hugging the overwhelmed fan with a big grin on his face after handing over a stack of cash. He also tells the 20-something to “be safe” as his friends scream in shock.

The original poster captioned the Snapchat clip, “My boy was celebrating his birthday in Turks and Caicos and got $10K from Drake as a birthday present”.

However Billboard noted that the post has “turned the Twitterverse green with envy.”

It goes on to mention a fan who tagged Drake in his reposnse to the video saying “@Drake i turn 24 tomorrow and would also like to run into you on your vacation to Trinidad and Tobago. Walk with the 10k or doh walk at all #GodsPlan.”

Billboard notes that the comment is likely a reference to Drake’s 2018 video for “God’s Plan,” which depicts him giving money and gifts to numerous delighted fans.