Tringen shutting down its ammonia plant for one month


Tringen shutting down its ammonia plant for one month

Tringen, a joint venture between Government through National Enterprises Limited and Yara Enterprises, has announced that its ammonia plant, the Tringen 1, will be shut down for one month.

This has become necessary due to the reduction in the supply of natural gas.

Tringen 1 will be the ninth plant shut down for the year.

According to reports, a letter by management was recently sent to staff, informing them that for the month of December, there would be a significant reduction in gas supply owing to the shutdown of an upstream gas supplier.

The employees were told that despite the company’s best efforts to secure more gas, it was unable to do so and this has left us with no choice but to shut down the Tringen1 plant for the entire month.

It said Tringen will use the time to address contingency jobs on the plant, including the repair of exchanger bundles, and the roster will be adjusted to meet the workload. The company will also arrange for longer vacation periods where possible.