Trevor Noah leaving the Daily Show after 7 years

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Trevor Noah leaving the Daily Show after 7 years

Trevor Noah shocked his live Daily Show audience and viewers alike on Thursday by announcing that he’d be stepping down as host after seven years. Noah came to the decision after a conversation with Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr.

“I was chatting to Roy Wood Jr. yesterday when we finished the show,” Noah said, “and he reminded me that it has been seven years since we started The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.”

Noah then looked back on some of his experiences since first taking the reins in 2015, and spoke about coming to the realization that his time at the show had come to an end.

“I just found myself filled with gratitude for the journey. It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s something that I never expected.” Noah said. “And I found myself thinking, throughout the time, you know, everything we’ve gone through. The Trump presidency, the pandemic. Just the journey of, you know, the more pandemic. And I realized that after the seven years, my time is up.”

The audience had an audible reaction to this announcement.

Roy Wood Jr. immediately took to Twitter to express his regret for bringing up how long they’ve been on the show.

But while Noah, who also makes substantial revenue from touring, expressed gratitude for his time on the show, he said he’s not going anywhere quite yet.

“I couldn’t have done it without you, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without you,” Noah said. “And so, we’ll figure out the timings and whens. You know, we’ll still be here for the time being. But all I can say is, thank you very much.”