Transition team for Scrap Metal Industry ready to work

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Transition team for Scrap Metal Industry ready to work

The Transition Team tasked by the Trinidad and Tobago Scrap Iron Dealers Association with assisting the transformation of the scrap metal industry from an unregulated state to a regulated state, has been formally constituted.

The team is made up of Allan Ferguson, President of TTSIDA; Sadiq Baksh, Chairman; Isa Mohammed, Vice Chairman of Community Outreach; Peter Fletcher, Radeyah Ali, attorney at law and Secretary, Adupson Toby, Shamshad Mohammed, and Tracey Aleong, Innovation Specialist. 

According to a release, the team is committed to ensuring that the scrap metal industry makes a smooth transition to the regulated sector, achieving full compliance with the new regulations, with a firm understanding of the role the industry plays in reducing, reusing, recycling, upcycling and the sustainable development of our country.

To achieve this goal, the team will immediately begin work by embarking on community outreach, education and social responsibility programs, not only ensuring that every citizen is aware of the value of recycling, and the role it plays in protecting our planet, but also encouraging everyone to turn their trash into treasurers, as part of our ‘Nothing to Something’ campaign. 

“We are excited to begin this important work, and we are committed to working closely with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition to a regulated scrap metal industry,” said Sadiq Baksh, chairman of the Transition Team.

“We recognize the significant impact that the scrap metal industry has on the community and the environment, and we are committed to ensuring that it operates in a responsible and sustainable manner.”

The Transition Team will provide regular updates on its progress as it works to assist the transition of the scrap metal industry