Transgender model displaced XXL bum implants while dancing

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Transgender model displaced XXL bum implants while dancing

OnlyFans model Jessica Alves recently revealed that she has managed to make over a million pounds through her provocative photos on the subscription site.

However she is unable to continue working as she went under the knife again.

“This should be my last surgery for now until one day when I need a full face lift again,” said Alves.

Transgender female Jessica Alves admitted that she damaged her bum implant after partying in Milan, a few days too soon from her last cosmetic surgery procedure.

Jessica said the surgery she did five weeks ago was a ‘success’, however she ended up ‘displacing’ her implants when she went out at a party in Milan during the healing process.

The Instagram model, who was the former Ken Barbie, told Daily Mail that the surgery she got done on Christmas Day will lock her in bed for 30 days and she won’t be able to sit on her bum in order to heal.

The implants are placed under the muscles,’ she added.

Jessica has already spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery in a quest to change her appearance.

She also recently had gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey to help her lose weight after gaining pounds in lockdown due to hormone therapy.